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We are a new Pre-school in a pack-away setting in a village hall.

Just wondered if anyone had any examples of kitchen cleaning daily/weekly/monthly type cleaning schedules/checklists, like the sort that are mentioned on the Food Hygiene course?


You really have to be Jack of all trades in this job...cleaner, caretaker, cook, teacher,nurse, social worker, marriage guidance bureau, heating engineer , theatre producer....and all for £9.00 an hour!!! What a bargain.


You only have to look at my own kitchen to know that food hygiene is not my speciality.

There are so many lists and sheets that need putting together that it is slightly blowing my mind. All help gratefully received.



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We are also in a pack away church hall setting with other hall users (usually leaving their mess!!!!)


I have attached the schedules we have devised after attending our level 2 food safety training (scarey things happen in the fridge sort of stuff!)


By the way you forgot at least plumber - and £9.00 per hour - wow








Beware - having drawn up the schedules you then need to ensure staff read them (without being affronted as a lot of it is common sense) and then having put routines in place you do need to follow them!

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Hi there


Will see if i can actually upload something. Here's our checklist.....hopefully, besides the food stadards pack we use.

Not sure if it's worked!





yes it worked - well done - there'll be no stopping you now!

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