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I an interested in making some little boxesto encourage 'talk' and comunication.



I've thought of a Magig bag with wands, spells a cape or two and a black cat.


Has anyone got any ideas for any more boxes which I could get my mums group to be getting along with?


Thanks a lot



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we had a puppet and pictures or object to give to him... ours was a rather loud squawky parrot who would ask for items to be given, you can use any items and perhaps a suggestion sheet on how to use it... children loved chatting to him and giving him items.


positional language box using a small chair or bed to put items in on under next to etc.. or a box to do the same with also use a small and big of same item for size


Skittles and a ball and pictures, put the pictures under the skittles and roll the ball when you knock one over you take about the picture found under the skittle... ours were a child washing hands, putting shoes on, putting coat on or off, etc.


is that the sort of thing?



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