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What is everyones view of this interactive tool on the CWDC website? I will do it but think the detail required is perhaps too in depth regarding individual staff. I hear one LEA has insisted on this being used or grant funding may be refused. I have issued the forms to my staff and putting in next week. It does say it should take 2 hours?????? Will let you know but think it will be an all day job. Apparently the local authorities can see it at any time.

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Hi - I started our's yesterday entered all the settings details and added my own qualifications.


It didn't take that long, but that will depend on how many staff you have. I have sent the forms out to my staff to collect when we go back to pre-school.


I am worried that we will look truly awful on the pie chart - when I re-assessed my staff qualifications under cwdc last year 3 of my level 2's were no longer valid (the course our local college runs comes up as invalid!). They have been fab and have actually started their level 3's. But although they have to 2012 to retrain - we look like we have no experience.


Also how are you going to validate and agree the additional training areas - this is going to be a very grey area. Is there any guidance on this part of the form?

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Our Borough was part of the pilot for this database. I found it quick and easy to do (under five minutes for each employee, I think), and none of my staff members objected to having their details put onto the database. I'm interested to see that a local authority is reported as having threatened to remove NEG funding if settings do not complete it - the CWDC forms we were given our employees to sign made it clear that employees were under no obligation to give permission.


I haven't gone in to look at my details yet but as tess said, my group looked awful on the pie chart because of a lack of level 3 qualified practitioners. I think it will really focus people's minds when they see practitioners who might not have a full and relevant qualification to do their job, or that they are not meeting the welfare requirements in such a graphic way. It should help in drawing up training and development plans.



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