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I have had a couple of parents approach me concerning childcare vouchers and I think we will see more and more.

They are easy to register for although we have not had to use them so far. I would also be interested in finding out the pros and cons



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I run a 20 place pre-school, I have had childcare vouchers in part payment of fees, and had no problems with the system. Once everyone's details are registered the pre-school account can be credited directly. If you have a lot of different children, I assume keeping track of payments needs to be done quite robustly.

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I'm a childminder and over half of my parents pay me by voucher. I'm registered with Accor, BusyBees and Sodexho.


Each month I get an e-mail from each company telling me the amount paid into my bank account, the parent and child's names and how it will show on my bank statement. Easy peasy! Much less stress than getting cash and/or cheques and having to queue in the bank.


I've had no problems (touch wood!) with any payments over the last year.



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I've had several families this year - the first 5 were all different companies Busy Bees, Accor, Soexho, Care4 and fair care. Care 4 are by far the most efficient but no problems with any of them. I'd much rather have e vouchers than paper ones though.

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Thanks for your replies everyone, looks like it is a positive move.


Another question -

How do you manage it? - do you issue a fee slip to the parent and then they arrange payment with the company?

Having read the small amount of literature, I can see it will be easier if it's all done electronically rather than having the paper vouchers and then having to send them off?

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