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Does anybody have a format for a play plan they could upload.

I have a child with me who is progressing well in most areas - nowhere near in need of an iep - but would like to offer him some targeted support in one particular area and thought it would be good to write it up in a play plan to share with parents but not to alarm them.

This child has very good play skills but is struggling to let others join him - if another child offers him a toy he turns away, if a child sits too near to him he will move, he doesn't like holding hands, messy play or trying new food (has very limited diet all consisting of similar textured food) he hates wearing a rain coat and parents find it difficult to get him dressed in the morning

I'm thinking that this all could be linked and want to support him around "touch sensitivity", building up his exposure to touching a variety of textures, tasting new foods and supporting him in being more accepting of his peers attempts to be sociable with him

what do you think?

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I would suggest you tackle one thing at first. Look at scaffolding his play with one child, possibly suggest to parent that it could be beneficial to have this child round to play at home, in his 'territory' where he may be more confident. Once some sociability starts and his confidence builds, you can start on something else, such as taste, using this child as peer support.


It's what we did, and it worked for us

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dcn - do you have access to Portage in your local authority? This sounds very like a child we supported in our group, and the Portage worker helped her with these issues by 'backchaining' concentrating on one skill at a time. Although he may be nowhere near needing an IEP (and would obviously not get any funding for formal support?), but perhaps you could adapt some of the Portage techniques to help your child work towards being able to tolerate messy play, or whatever you decide to start with.


I like killowewngirl's play plan - very clear!



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thanks everyone for your replies - he's only 31mths old, probably put this in the wrong area really as he has no SEN just needs a little extra support.

we do have a portage service so i'll try and get in touch with them.

He's quite sociable in some ways - always interested in who's here and simple joint play such as making silly noises together, blowing raspberrries etc

he concentrates and play with his chosen activities for much longer than would be expected for a child his age it's just if someone comes to join him he seems to feel threatened or just doesn't want them to spoil what he's doing eg he was playing with the pirate ship and figures and another child came over and put her bear on the ship, he picked it up and threw it on the floor and said "no bear ship", he was then supported to allow the other child to put her bear on the ship but didn't continue to play after that, just sat back and watched and looked uncomfortable

Not sure about tackling each thing seperately as i feel they're all connected. the food I've been working on for ages - well since he was weaned really - and the messy play,sociable play and wearing his raincoat are all things that are incorporated into most of his days with me

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