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I'm in the middle of writing up next terms planning and then I found Dee's article. Brilliant, it made me look at my plans and announce they are great or rotten depending on who see's them. I like them, they'll work and thats all that counts.

Keep 'em coming Dee my sanity only needs bolstering for another 7 months and then I can have a break (down?) :o:D:D

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Can I add my thanks Dee, brilliant article.


You forgot child H who refuses to talk to anyone so your not sure whether they do or don't want to do the activity planned for the art corner.


And child I who is going through an experimental phase with scissors and has just cut up the planned activity while you were trying to talk to child H who refuses to talk to you.


And of course in the middle of all this carefully planned activity, that you are trying to observe and work out what stepping stones are being achieved, in walks a prosepective new parent whom your collegue is trying to convince that all this choas is part of the 'foundation stage' teaching as laid down by the government.


We love our work don't we :oxD:(



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A great article!! (just about sums up yesterday's session!) :o


Thanks, Dee - I've been taking it all far too seriously and I needed a good laugh.



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