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Hi, no rush I know we're all busy with other things, but I've brought our operational plan home to give it a revamp. It's a bit of a mess and includes a load of rubbish. What SHOULD be in it?

Aims and ethos



Parent involvement


Fire certifiates etc



Thanks :D

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Err, sorry,


Yes, it should include EVERYTHING - policies, procedures, the lot!!


It's how you function, basically.........


but you just need to delegate!! :o


Sorry, not helpful, hey!! xD


No, really, think about who from your staff (deputy?) who can help here, you shouldn't be doing it alone !!!


Sue :D

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Hi Rea,

I would strongly agree with Sue that you should not be doing this alone.

Operational plan is what makes your setting unique and it needs to be a team effort. If I were you, since you have gone to the trouble of bringing it home (!), I'd weed out the rubbish and then take the rest back to a team meeting, maybe a bit at a time if there is a lot, and get everyone's input on what needs changing. This will make sure that it is an accurate reflection of what you actually do! (And everyone will know it).


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Your operational plan doesn't necessarily have to be in one folder-some of it doesn't have to be in a folder at all! It's all the things like staff rotas, policies, how the group runs, timetables, information for parents etc, etc. And all the things you mentioned Rea. So lots of this may be up on notice boards, in a folder for policies, in a draw or filing cabinet.

What we tend to do is keep a copy of everything in one folder so that, if somebody needs to look at it such as an inspector or parent, then instead of having to show them a number of places to look it is all there together. But you don't have to do that if you don't want to.


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Thanks Rea-it worked this time. Looks interesting-at least OFSTED inspectors could be given a copy and wouldn't have to mither too much as to where everything is!!


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