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Thanks Everyone - Clear Out Done!


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Just wanted to express my thanks for the great tips I was given on here before today's clear out.


We set up the 6 learning areas and then looked at which fitted with each, this helped us avoid too many plastic toys and to see where we were weak on certain areas. We now have an easy to access cupboard full of boxes of really interesting stuff, set out roughly in the six areas.


I was a bit ruthless but I think the staff will forgive me. It was 'get rid of 50% of that', and 'if you haven't used that in a while then chuck!'


Hopefully they won't sneak back in too many boxes over the summer :o

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well done


I envy your ruthlessness I am my own worst enemy and keep everything that "might come in handy one day"


we do our sort out the week before we go back in september we need to be drastic, the team throw things out and I sneek stuff back afterwards.

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