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I'm not sure if this is the right place or not, please move to the appropriate section if not.


I have recently taken over the running of a playgroup, which is based within a homeless family unit - now due to being on residential premises (sp?) we do not have to be registered with Ofsted.


However, from September, I am hoping to start working with the EYFS - and in the long run, hoping to set up voluntary registration.


I haven't worked with the EYFS before, and would like some general tips and advice as to how to plan and manage children's learning with it.





Kim x

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Wow! Kim, what a huge question! There's loads on here to answer all your questions. Welcome to the forum. Do a search for particular things you feel you need as a starting point, and come and ask specific questions, there'll always be someone here who knows the answer or can brainstorm answers to help.

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Hi Kim


I think I replied to this query on another thread fairly recently, when you were asking about policies.


Possibly the best thing is to think about what you need to know, and do a few forum searches (click on the box marked 'search forum posts' at the top right of the screen). Have a good read of old threads (there are many!) and then if you need to know more, ask some more specific questions.


The EYFS is such a big thing that it is very difficult to offer advice or support in a general way. Have you got the EYFS pack, cards and CD-Rom? That's as good a place to start as anywhere, so that you can narrow down your areas of interest.


Sorry to be so vague!



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Hi and welcome :-)


You have come to the right place, there is a wealth of info on this site about the EYFS. Try a search to find specifics but there is loads on planning and general practice which will help you.


The main ethos is to be child led and flexible ( at least thats my settings understanding !!! ) The form your planning takes is irrelevant as long as it has been planned from the childrens interests and next steps. The key is the flexibility, dont be afraid to forget the planning and go where the children lead you ( just record your changes for evidence ).


A bit of a whistle stop tour but hope it helps !!!

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Hi Kim,

Some great advice so far. When I introduced the EYFS to a nursery team, I started with the PSED and physical areas of development because I thought they were the most straightforward to get their heads round. I would imagine PSED is going to be a very important part of your work with homeless families, nurturing the children and building their self-esteem, encouraging them to make friendships, etc. The Physical Development area of learning is a good one to look at early on too, because you can use the equipment and resources you already have available to support their fine and gross motor development.


Hope this helps :o

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