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Christmas Presents For Mums And Dads To Make!


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help...mind blank....christmas....done cards..done calenders......now presents....



any ideas?


last year i did a somple wish box with magic dust insdie...children decorated it and then put in a wish. BUT I cant find the poem that would go with it? I'm sure I had one!!!


Other ideas really appreciated!


Cheers :D

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We make really simple chocolate truffles- using coco powder, drinking chocolate and icing sugar. Really quite messy but the children thoroughly enjoyed it last year.... they can do all of it themselves as their is no cooking or hot things anywhere.


We then wrap them in cellophane and the children make labels.



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A ball of clay (or salt dough)

Push the end of a rolling pin in to make a dent

Dry clay / dough


finish with PVA and a sprinkling of glitter

Place a small candle ( t-tree? is it called?) in indent


hey presto ... candle pressy all made by the children and not one adult hand!!



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