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Sead And Long Term Planning


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Like many of us, I guess, I'm currently working on next year's Long Term Planning. I wnat to incorporate SEAD for the first time. As there are 6 booklets I wondered about focussing on one for each term [half term] starting with 'New Beginnings' in September. We've had some training on it but the main focus was transition so didn't help much in that sense. Has anyone else thought along these lines yet? Or if anyone from a school setting has insight, having used SEAL before?

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Sorry, just realised there are 7 not 6 so maybe I've answered most of my own question!!!


I'd still be interested to know whether other settings approach ttem one booklet at a time or dip into them, and how you plan it in if you do.

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idle curiosity (I know as soon as I hit send I will have worked it out!) but whats SEAD stand for? my brain is thinking of all kinds of possibilities and it would appreciate clarification thanks

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social and emotional aspects of development (SEAD) it is a younger version of (SEAL) Social and emotional aspects of learning

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In a school setting it is one booklet per half term in this order...

  1. New Beginnings
  2. Getting on and falling out
  3. GOing for goals
  4. Good to be me
  5. Relationships
  6. Changes


The 7th booklet Say no to bullying is used to conicide with the National Anti Bullying week in Oct / Nov


Hope this helps

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Hi Alison,


Yes, they are worth getting. Our county issued them & we've had joint sessions with reception teachers about them, using them as part of transition work. The folder's called:

'Excellence and Enjoyment: social and emotional aspects of learning'; there's also 'Social and Emotional Aspects of Development' which I've only got as a printed download


Apparently you can download at




and they 'may be available from'



and order from

DCSF publications,

PO Box 5050

Sherwood Park


Nottingham NG15 0DJ

Tel: 0845 60 222 60

email: dcsf@prolog.uk.com



Hope that helps!

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I have 'Excellence and Enjoyment:social and emotional aspects of learning...........from Teachernet.........it is in my huge pile of 'things to read'!!! :o


Beginning to think I could read solidly between now and Christmas and still not have caught up! Let's not even mention that SEF - not started yet xD



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