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Importance Of Books For Under 3's


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Hello everyone!


Not been on FSF for ages, been on my hols and various other bits but I'm back so hi!


I'm hoping to do a display for the parent's on the importance of books for under 3's.


I want it to be informative, attractive and show the parent's how fun it can be to share books with their babies/toddlers. I have a few ideas and intend on putting up lots of photo's of the children enjoying stories, story boxes, active stories etc. Some Book recommendations etc.


I also want some facts and statistics to put up though, maybe some quotes I can use. I seem to remember getting a leaflet filled with useful facts about the benefits of reading with under 3's from our LEA but have searched the setting and home to no avail.


Can anyone help with some useful stats/quotes?

Or even any other ideas for the display?


Thanks x

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Hi undercoverangel


You might find something at http://www.earlyreadingconnects.org.uk


Hope that's useful



Thanks very much sunnyday, I've popped that in my favourites, I've also just downloaded the "road to reading leaflet" which I hope will be helpful.


Off to nursery now so will have a good read through that link tonight. Thanks again

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There's something called the federation of children's book clubs, which I belong to with my own kids. It's a charity where they set up reading groups for children, lots of the kids who come are under three. They also judge the red book children's awards, might be worth looking at?


Also, worth talking about how children learn 'book behaviour' before they even understand a story. This is things like reading left to right, turning pages in right direction, etc. (Sorry if you knew that already). I think some parents imagine that just because their baby/child can't read the words, it's not worth reading books to them.


How about also getting dressed up as some characters from children's stories?

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A scheme called 'book start' operates through Surestart. they might have some hings for you. I kow they do pack with a book or two along with leaflets for parents.

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Thanks for the replies.


We had bookstart in a while ago to distribute packs and they read a story to the pre-schoolers too. I don't know if the parent's would have read the leaflets or just binned them and been more interested in the books and crayons for their little ones! This display is going in reception, we have one in there all the time at the moment it's on Learning through Play but will now be changing to books/reading.


Thanks again- lots to be looking at! x

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