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Fao Cait And Anyone Got Any Ideas Please?


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Hi Cait


Thank you so much for the help you gave me before - I passed!! Thanks to you - I was stuck and you advised me and got me going. You are a diamond !


Now- my next assignment is to ' prepare a resource for teaching in the fs which could be used to focus on learning in PSED from the EYFS'


I have decided to use role play props in the presentation, and I have so much to say, just wondering if anyone else has any fab ideas - you know WOW ideas ?



Thanks peeps


Nat 74 x x

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I told Cait everything and I am on the right track, but here goes - (what is your assignment. can I help?)


I need to prepare a resource for teaching in the FS which could be used to focus on learning PSED from the EYFS. I need to prepare a 10minute presentation demonstrating my understanding of key principles of learning and teaching in the area of PSED and I must explain how my resources support these principles. I must make reference to to my reading in this area and demonstrate an awareness of cross curricular possibilities and the distinctive nature of learning within this area!!


Then I need to write up an essay providing a critical evaluation of the resource and discuss key issues raised in the presentation, including reading and research.


So, what is your assignemnt on then? I will try and help if I can,


Thanks :o



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Crikey Nat74,


I think you might have just put me off going on to a BA! I can think of emotional literacy as a starting point but I don't think I would get very far after that.


My assignments this term are so boring. I loved the ones we did about play and positive learners etc but this term is management and safeguarding. It is really kind of you to offer to help.


I am currently working on writing 'An Analysis of the Characteristics of a Good Manager and Different Styles of Management in Early Years Settings'. I can't seem to get a handle on seperating characteristics and management styles. My head seems unwilling to try to get round it at the moment. I also am not really sure how to relate it to my practice as I am a childminder most of the time and don't even usually lead the room when I am working in nursery.


Are you sorry you offered now?


Any guidance gratefully received!

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Hi Alison,

You could approach this one by thinking about how you are managed. What kind of manager inspires and motivates you? How does this role differ from a good leader or mentor? Or can they be be done by the same person?


Characteristics of a good manager......as long as a piece of string, isn't it? :o I'll start off by saying:


* Be very knowledgeable about early years practice and child development

* Have a natural enthusiam for working with children, staff and parents

* Know how to create and maintain the ethos of the setting, with strong principles and sound values based on theoretical knowledge and practical experience

* Commitment to give more than is just "required"

* Have a strong sense of professional development and a desire for constant improvement of the provision


As for different styles of management, you need to think about how a manager tackles:

* managing the culture of the setting

* managing staff

*managing the environment

*managing change


You'll also need to consider the different styles, themselves:

* directive leadership (eg giving clear instructions and guidelines)

* supportive (effective when staff are highly skilled and motivated)

*participative (sharing the decision making, staff participate at all levels)


So, in other words, how authoritarian or democratic the manager is. Hope this gives you a start. xD

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hi all you hard working peeps!

Nat, when you evaluate the resource remember maybe the confidence of the practitioner to use role play? Some find it difficult.Also SEAL is now updated for use in FS to SEAD, may be useful docs there.

Alison, when I did school culture assign, I think it was Handy and Aitken who do good descriptions of how managers style etc influence the culture of settings, team work, effectiveness etc.


hope it all helps

am on the last leg myself, seems a long haul at the mo


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Thanks for the advice guys.


It's the how long is a piece of string thing which gets me. Deciding which bits are relevant is really hard. I have some things to kick start me now thanks to you.


On a speech and language training course tonight so will have a good go tomorrow. I feel more motivated now.

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Hi Nat74,


I'm glad that you have been able to sort out your query with Cait. However, please could you only post publicly if you are asking for help from the wider community? If you post in a general way you will get more responses, and as AlisonP has said, these responses may be of interest to others on the forum as well. Any queries or comments to individuals can be done through private messages. :o

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Alison, I will have a think about that and get back to you. I havn't yet done an assignment on management and safeguarding.


I am a manager and the way I manage is to get stuck in as well, some managers sit back and give orders but never actually do the job they are wanting others to do.


I am very lucky to have such a great team, I plan and put in names of staff so they know what they should be doing and with who and why etc. We also have meetings to get things off our chests and I make sure that all of their ideas are valued, they have input into the way the nursery runs.


Sorry on a waffle now!!


Nat 74

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