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Hellooooo everyone, hope you are all well - and apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place :o


Im just wondering who is collecting the vouchers and if anyone has a spare brochure??


I have put my brochure in a safe place that I really can't find it, I rang up and requested another one and they would not give me one xD

They said I had to view the online brochure - the thing is though I want the children and staff to pick what they would like to order- I always have, and as we do not have the internet at my setting Im in a pickle!


Please if anyone has a spare brochure they could post to me or even if you have already decided what you are ordering, and no longer needing the brochure, please may I have it?.

I have sent an email again to Sainsburys but I doubt they will respond!

I would be really grateful and appreciate it if someone could help me out, many thanks


Mich xx

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Well, I think that is just mean of them!!! :(


How many trees have they chopped down, anyway! xD . If it wasn't for the fact that they killed our local high street STONE dead, I would boycott them. I now have nowhere else to shop...except for hacksaw blades! And I seriously mean that. As it is, everyone runs for cover now when I go in, I complain about everything that annoys me :o


Just keep badgering them, I would :(




(And I really do sympathise, I just have no time for them and their bleating about who introduced the avocado pear to Britain.....)

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We haven't decided ourselves yet, but if you are still struggling for a brochure in a week or so, send me a message and you can have ours.


Personally, I think the Tesco brochure is much much better, but, for the amount of real money being sent to get this stuff I think it is totally outrageous.

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Haha thanks for your replies and I will keep going on!!


No Cait i haven't received a questionnaire - that will land tomorrow then!!!


My staff have been asking for this brochure and Im like yeh its in my safe place, I will find it :(

I can just tell they are pulling faces behind my back :o


I will let you know if I get one otherwise I will be hounding you all again ha- I want my order in early to qualify for the freebies - even if its only 5 balls or whatever it is! xD


Mich x

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