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we are planning a fun/open day in the summer. I was just wondering if anyone had a ideas for stalls etc...?



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aAskstaff, parenst etc to clear out their cupboards, I've just done it for playgroup and have a pile of books I wont read again.

Other stalls...

Small cups of sand with a coin in - children use a seive to discover whats in the sand. Charge about 20p a go and have a range of coins in the cups with maybe a couple of £1. but mostly 1p and 2p and 5 p, you dont want to go giving the profits away.

Jar full of marbles - guess how many

A cuddly toy - guess the name

Tombola - you could ask local businesses for donations of prizes

Sell refreshments for a donation, we made more that way than by charging a definite price.

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Guest lou73

If you have anyone who can paint nails i would suggest that......little boys and girls love it.... charge 50p or a £1 per set. I have done this in the past and it is really popular and not one that you would automatically think of.



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Guest budgie1

Get some summer plants and charge 50p to let the children pot a plant. I did this at our May day and the children loved digging in the compost and choosing a plant . B & Q sell 3 trays of 24 plants for £10.

Have also done "ice a biscuit". Face painting always goes down well . What about a bottle tombola. My childrens primary school always have a mufti day before the fair where children can wear their own clothes as long as they bring in a bottle (could be coke,squash, bubble bath, shampoo etc) They then have a bottle tombola and it always makes loads of money! :o Have fun!

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Nail painting is cheap and popular.


Tattoos from Baker Ross go down well.


Load of 10p and 20p games to keep children happy so they stay and spend more. Have lots of games where they get a prize or a sweet so they keep coming back.


Get the children to perform a song or dance to give an incentive for parents to turn up. We get them to do country dancing at the beginning and end so they are there as long as possible.


Sell raffle tickets on the entrance - if you are a charity write to local businesses for prize donations.


A bouncy castle is always popular and although we don't usually make a profit it can be a good crowd puller.


Does this all sound dreadfully manipulative?


The most important and the hardest bit is publicising the event. Try to get an advert in a local rag and put up loads of posters around the area.

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We have a constant supply of the tall plastic bottles that tennis balls come in and we get parents to fill them with....whatever they like really. Hair bobbles, pens, rolled up colouring book, the enevitable sweets and lots of other stuff. This makes a packet for a tombola stall and is very popular.


We had a fund raising day on bank holiday Monday and had a duck race. People bought a numbered duck for £1. 800 ducks were released into the canal via the bridge and the first over the line, having survived the drop and the subsequent small weir won. Don't worry, no ducks were harmed in this race!!! :o Made loads of money for the replacement of of our wheeled toys.

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