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Can anyone help please. i need to survey my parents about their childcare needs. i am reluctant to start from scratch, if anyone has a template for surveying parents i would be very grateful

thanks in advance

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i need to find out about hours they would be interested in accessing childcare, ages of children they would like to access childcare,, costs they would be prepared to pay, would they like home cooked meals etc.

We are hoping for a new building and we need to find out what our parents would like from us and how we could address those needs. then i have to write a business plan and so it continues.....

I think what im after is called a survey of needs. settings may like to send them out annually, but in the past we havent.

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Hi and welcome to the forum from me :o


We send a general questionnaire to parents each year where they can give feedback - not the sort you are needing - sure someone will be along soon though.




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Have you looked in the resource library to see if there is something that you could adapt maybe. Just click on 'Resources' in the blue box at the left hand side of the screen and then click 'Resource library'


Hope this helps,



PS Welcome aboard :o

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