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Hi there folks

my collegues in year 1 are doing a weather centre role play and have run out of ideas (I said I know just the place to get some :o

a few ideas so far: televion- cardboard box (for the presenters to present from)

map of the world

selection of clothes for different types of weather


Would be ever so grateful for further ideas

thanks in anticipation


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Stick your world map on a magnet board and make magnetic weather symbols like the old fashioned weather men on BBC!


Weather station equipment for real: rain gauge, wind anemometer, barometer? What's it called now, a stevensons screen??


Sounds like fun!!





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...and be prepared to cheat. We used a rain guage last year, but the rain never managed to get down the opening, so I used to run ahead and put some water in after it had rained otherwise there was nothing for them to measure. :D

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