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hi everyone.

i recently did some bank work in a nursery that i had worked in previously, only the cheque has bounced. the manager has told me that they have no money, but that committee will contact me.

also been asked if i can work again :o

is there anything i should be doing?

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is there anything i should be doing?

Yes, I would contact the committee chair and treasurer yourself and ask what they are going to do and when your cheque is likely to be honoured. Then monitor the situation and make sure it happens on time.


As for being asked to work again you have a few options:-


  1. Take a risk and see what happens
  2. Ask to be paid cash at the beginning of each session
  3. Say you won't do any more work for them until you have been paid for the last time


If it all goes completely pear shaped you can take them to the small claims court to obtain the money - but I guess that depends on whether they have the potential to be able to pay at a later date or whether the group is going downhill rapidly.


Hard judgement call, especially as often we are so emotionally attached to the groups we work for!


Good luck!



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is there anything i should be doing?



Hi there, what a pain!!


From personal expereince I'd suggest that whoever you speak to from the committee you follow up the conversation with a letter confirming what has been said. It's so easy to try and sort out rubbish situations informally then find that when it all goes belly up you've no back up to prove that you've done all you can to sort it out in a reasonable manner . I'd also suggest that you give them a deadline, in writing, for payment and perhaps add something about "taking further advice" if they fail to pay.


It means nothing really, but sometimes it concentrates the mind without being over threatening.


It's really concerning that the committee are employing staff without the funds to pay - I wonder if they realise that they are personally responsible for any debts (unless the charity has been set up as a company limited by guarantee).


Good luck - hope you get your money soon (and if it was me it would be payment in cash up front in future)





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