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Help! I Cant Find It!


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Can you help me??

I saw a poem on the site about a snowman and how it melted on the pillow ....... but I cant find it now!!

Anyone remember it

Would be so pleased if anyone knows it

Thank you

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Not sure where it is either, but I copied it for myself, so I wouldn't lose it!

Here it is again



I made myself a snowball

Just as perfect as can be

I thought I'd keep it for a pet

And let it sleep with me

I made it some pyjamas

And a pillow for it's head

But then last night it ran away

But first IT WET THE BED!!!!



and thanks to whoever it was posted it in the first place!


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Thank you so much!

Ive copied it out and it will be up in the classroom soon

Love the site and look forward to more time spent on hear than doing housework after school!

Thanks again

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I took the rhyme into playgroup last week but only after I'd made my son go outside to collect some snow before he went up to bed. We made the snowball a bed and checked on it throughout the session. It really did wet the bed and the children loved it. :D:D

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