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Hi all, have my performance management next week and wanted to do a follow on from an observation of some children playing with cars and home made ramps. Thought I would give them a selection of different vehicles and ask them to predict what would travel furthest distance from the ramp. I thought i would challenge their thinking by showing a racing car and a large vehicle and ask them to predict what would go further. The children could record the distance using their choice from string, chalk and other things they can think of. I especially want to show that I am thinking about challenging the more able children as this is a focus for all staff.

I would really appreciate any feedback or ideas.

Many thanks


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Guest lou73


What about altering the height of the ramp, so it has a steeper curve..i.e. start of with a gradual incline and increase it.....can they predict what effect this has?


lou :o

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I would first focus more on the specific learning you want to develop with the children you will target - is it questioning skills, language for thinking, problem solving, measures. You say you think you will do this but why is this what you want to extend with them?


You have to know that before you can really design the activity - otherwise it is too easy to miss the right pitch/challenge. What is it those particular children need to extend? The ramps etc is the vehicle(!!!!!!!) for doing it.



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