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French Door Locked Open, Lock


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We have had a new French door put in which the children will access the outdoor play area through,

I dont want to start useing it until I obtain a lock that can lock it OPEN

I dont want trapped fingers from a sliding door,I cant find anything to suit

Has anyone any good ideas or has anyone a lock that does this purpose ?

Many thanks everyone

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Can you fasten a hook to it to hook it open? We used to do this with our back door and it worked really well. The wind couldn't catch it either.


Ah, just realised you are talking about a sliding door, in which case some sort of bar in the top or bottom running groove might be your best bet

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for a sliding door I have seen used an extending broom handle wedged in the gap, I think they put rubber walking stick bottoms on each end so it did not slip. Have also done this at home and it worked to stop it moving, but will depend on kind of door, and frame.


Most of the others I have seen are to lock it closed, not open.



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Hi I also had the same problem, but solved by using a small horse shape rubber/foam wedge, you can get them any where mother care, DIY etc.. in the child safe sections,


works a treat, they wedge in at top- child cant slide door or reach to pull out- but easy for adults to put in and out..



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