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Well I survived Easter and have been working flat out for the last 2 weeks to get my room ready for moderation and to keep my headteacher happy. Had a meeting today where she looked surprised and smiled when i showed her my progress for tracking the children, observations etc. So her next thought is that we would both spend time in my class observing children together and then going through the evidence for three random children. I immediately said that to choose 3 children at random was not appropriate because I would not necessarily have all their evidence collated by next week. (know it should be uptodate all the time but live in real world and too many other issues to update 30 books for next week!!!!)

So it was agreed I can decide on children and we will observe them and then make judgements on what we have seen and what I have already observed.

When this is happening another teacher will be in my room but will be following my planning and not initiate her own ideas. So we are thinking about Plants, growth and the following week we visit a farm. The overall areas are Out and About so we can add ideas as the children develop them and my planning is very flexible.

Does anyone have any ideas for activites that can be both supported and independent for this observation time? Thought about measuring different types of plants on maths area, observational drawing of plants in creative area, planting seeds with TA and then recording what they do on paper, maybe designing a seed packet on a paper bag which can then be put into role play garden centre.


Was politely told that if moderation goes well can stay in same class and if not will seriously consider moving me out of this year group. Help I really want to stay where I am as been on such a learning curve in last few months and finally feel good about my class and can talk confidently about what I am doing. Thanks for previous support on here.


Nicky Sussex :oxD

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How awful - that is a lot of pressure to be put on you! Some headteachers needs shooting - that's not exactly supportive - aaarrrggghhh! it makes me so mad but also grateful that my head is supportive - I could never imagine him saying that. He would probably say that if a head is saying that at this late stage in the year then he/she as not done enough to support you during the rest of the year. Anyway soap box moment over.


I really like the idea of comparing plants as by using different plants you can the taller/shorter language and the wider/narrower language in there. They may also describe the shapes of the leaves as well so there is lots of language in there. They could also order them of course. Remember the language of comparison is the key for reception - they may also be interested in finding out how many cubes it is tall and then of course you can get counting in there but I would really go with what the children are enthusiastic to do.


You could put plants in the creative area and suggest they may like to do drawing, paintings of one but with CI learning I would leave it up to them but that would be your enhancement of the area. I really like the idea of them designing a seed packet on a paper bag - you could have lots of seed packets for them to look at to help inspire them - that would be a great enhancement in the mark making/writing area or even in the role play area? The planting of the seeds is also great as they always love doing that - maybe they could be outside doing that with clipboards - they could be gardening experts showing what they are doing.


So basically all I've done is expand your ideas but I do have a few of my own - could they create a garden environment in a builders tray - grass seed is great - they can plan where the grassy areas are, paving, gravel - make play equipment, pond etc... (maybe not for the observation but at some other time)

Is there a garden in the school that the children could take care of - learn about what are weeds, what are plants? Help water the garden etc...


I hope this has been of some help - good luck. Be confident and remember your relationship with the children is key to their learning so from the sounds of it you're there.

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Beansprouts and cress are lovely to use as they grow so quickly. You could introduce some understanding of time by comparing the number of days they take to come up compared with other seeds.


Using leaves to make prints is great for creative.


How about watering some seeds and not others and comparing the results?

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Please please please emphasize with your head that one off observations of anything you see on the day with her is not enough evidence to indicate mastery of a skill and concept. No LA moderator would make judgments on a child's attainment based on a one off snap shot. It is your knowledge of the child over time and seeing those skills etc in many different situations.


Also moderation is not about your capability as a teacher or about progress - it is to ensure your judgments are accurate against the national exemplification. You do not have to have everything written down to prove you know it.



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