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Hi there,


That's a really good checklist for diasbled children - it's also worth considering how you meet the needs of children from various other groups eg children with english as an additional language, children who have different skin colour or appearance from whatever the majority group in your setting is (it's not just dark skinned children who can be excluded, it can work the other way too), children who have different religious or cultural backgrounds to the majority group in your setting etc. Inclusion is a very broad concept which requires you to consider how you ensure every child's differences are celebrated and that they are able to participate in every aspect of your provision.


Hope that helps.


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I think the PIP checklist that Cait uploaded is great - I like the fact that if you took out the word 'disabled' it could be used to audit how inclusive your provision for all children and families who use your setting.


By reading the checklist with a particular child in mind I think it would be easy to see whether the setting was able to meet the individual child's needs and where the challenges might be. However that said, this needs to be done with openness and honesty - its easy to pay lipservice to the idea of including all children or to think that we're doing well until we look really closely under the surface!


Also, do you have the Index for Inclusion in your setting - we found that really helpful.



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