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Hello and Happy Easter to everyone!


For the next part of my FD I have to do a self-evaluation (on me rather than the setting), I have to get feedback from my colleagues. I am working on a questionnaire for them to complete and plan to leave it in the staff room for them to complete anonomously (sp?). I've some ideas of questios to ask but have obviously eaten too much chocolate as my brain has gone dead!!


If you where compiling this kind of questionnaire for your staff to complete what would you put in in?


All ideas greatfully received!! Many thanks :)

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Oooooh that's a tricky one for a Sunday afternoon!


I suppose I would put something about how well I communicate with other members of staff, relationships with children, relationships with parents, how well I move children's learning on, how accurate my assessments are, how I engage the children to learn



I'm sure there are other things but my mind is a bit fuzzy and I certainly can't put them into questions but I hope I have been of some help.

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