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What Is Your Focused Activity This Week?


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I have just read the topic of 'What is in your tuff spot this week?' and it was so fantastic that I thought I would start this one.


A focused activity that I did recently was based on the book 'Going on a Bear Hunt'. We set up a few things in our outdoor area: mud in tuff spot, bubble machine (to represent the snow storm), water in another tuff spot and a small tent which was the cave of the bear. We then talked the story through whilst the children experienced each step repeating the phrases from the book. When we got to the cave an actual bear came out!! (it was actually my t.a dressed up).

It was a fabulous activity and one member of staff wrote observations down while another lead the group.

Would love to hear your ideas. :o

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That does sound like a great activity!! Has anyone got an idea of how this could work

in a day nursery?


How do your focused activities work?

Are they once a week? Once a day?

Are they based on a theme/topic ?

Are they based on observations of the children or interests?


Thanks in advance x

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