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Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays :o


in reception we would like to do some work on another faith next half term and we have chosen Judism.


I would really appreciate any ideas for activities that we could do related to this.

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Is there a synagogue fairly near to your school, fraggle80? If so you might approach them for some support - I know that our local synagogue is very active in going into schools etc so that's worth a try.


Child's Eye Media do a range of 'festival' DVDs which show children celebrating festivals at home and at school - they are really good at explaining what is going on an why, and the schools part is supported with a range of suggested activities to do with the classroom with all supporting materials/plans provided.


A good place to start is to look at the calendar and see if there are any festivals coming up next term and start from there. If not, there is also a range about children's faith - you could look for "My Jewish Faith" in your library and see what that throws up. Again these are good books because they show children talking about their faith so are really child friendly for this age range.


Failing all that try doing a good old google search (and check the resources section here to see what might be lurking, too!).



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