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Exam Question Help Please


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A friend of mine has done an exam for the CACHE CCE course.


One of the questions asked was:


What helps stop germs from spreading?


Choices where:



putting away toys

cleaning sand.


My friend put ventaltion but is now confused, I think she has had time to think about it.


I said ventaltion.






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I'm not sure, wouldn't ventilation just move the germs around rather than stopping them??

Sand 'holds' germs.

Putting away toys doesn't remove germs from them.


so I'd say 'clean sand'.


I so dislike these type of multiple choice questions, they can be so subjective, depends what context was being taught at the time.


Ventilation (fresh air) is required to stop 'warmth' which increases the growth of germs, but does ventilation stop germs spreading?



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