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I'm having a major panic - while I was at uni yesterday my deputy took a phone call from OFSTED, to say they are visiting next week to discuss our change of registration.

(Bless her she forgot to mention this in our debrief and sent me a text later.)


The children centre in our community centre is having some building work done and I have requested that we increase our hours (currently sessional, but to go to 5hrs a day).


Any ideas what I need to produce, show and consider.

Bit of nightmare as we are actually having to empty our cupboard that week for the building work - so am very concerned I won't have the right bits to hand as a lot of the paper work is having to live in my kitchen at home for a month.


Any advice would be great as trying to do an essay, but in a dither (or just blind panic) what is it about the word ofsted that gives us sleepless nights.



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They actually just want to help - strange as it may seem. When we had ours, he wanted to have a look at how we would plan for the additional hours, and whether we could offer opportunities for children who'd be there all day 9 - 3 to have a quiet resting area if they wanted one. He was much less formal than when doing his inspection, and ran about in the garden a bit with a child who asked him for a race!

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Oh that sounds OK. the person visiting did my OFSTED 2 years ago and she was very nice - it's just that word OFSTED and VISIT.


It's just not a great feeling that they are coming in! a whole week to panic

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we didn't have a visit, but had to send a detailed letter to show as Cait said how we would manage quiet times, a child who wants to sleep, food storage and hygiene, staffing allowing for beak is needed, daily routine, just general things which may be encountered over the longer opening hours.


I would assume these are the sort of things they would be interested in..



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