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Wow Ideas, Please


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Help! I need some wow ideas for a display on Multi Sensory Learning .


Would really appreciate your ideas.


Sunshine :o

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I've seen lovely, empty squash/pop bottles filled with mixtures of things such as cellophane; 50/50 mixture of water and cooking oil and then such things as glitter/sequins floating in it; beads/beans etc..........make sure all lids are sealed good and tight!

ribbons,ripstop nylon,string etc hanging from the ceiling....as many different textures as you can find;

scented/textured playdough


small torches

bells..................i have a lovely wind up fire alarm on the wall outside (!)

tissue/leaves/paper bags.....all make a lovely scrunchy noise

velvet/silk.........lovely soft, smooth to touch


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for touch you could use brushes - most come with a hole in the handle so its easy to dangle them from a display for touching, or dangle from a fence outside or just put in a treasue basket


- hair brush, tooth brush, scrubbing brush, paint brush, dog brush, hand brush, clothes brush, and of cause all the scouring and scratchy things that you can use to wash up with

you could then link some washing up bottles with stuff in for shaking and sound

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wow, those discovery bottles are ace -im defiantly going to make some of those. thanks for the find !



Oh my gosh, how fab are those sensory bottles. I'm developing my sensory area atr the mo, added bonus with those......cheers



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