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The Builders Are Coming In! Risk Assessment


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you will need to think about


access, how? whey? how often?


children , safety how will you ensure they cannot leave etc.,


supervision, of workmen while in the building and children


must be more


also curiosity of children , could you incorporate it into learning... we did when we had our garden revamped...but they only had outside access.



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Our village hall setting had a painting job done last summer and we were advised by early years

that no-one outside the pre-school were allowed on site during sessional time. All works had to be

carried out during half term holidays and weekends due to health and safety/CRB cheques etc.


Hope this helps



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We were told similar a few years ago, but having said that, we recently had some building work done by local tradesmen from the village who patched the ceiling after some plaster came down. We made a walkway for the children through the room and when they were walking through they put hard hats on - not necessary, but they enjoyed the novelty of it! We also had some good mark-making from the boys out of it as they measured and cut pieces of paper and built scaffolding with artstraws. All great fun.

We did a risk assessment and decided to let them have access during the sessions and they came for a couple of hours over three days. We decided that the benefits outweighed any negatives. We were fortunate that we had another room we could use (the actual chapel) and of course, we still had outdoors

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We regularly have to have repair work done (that's another story) which is outside usually. Our big problem is the workmen asking if they can use the toilets. They do look at us funny when we walk them to the door and wait outside for them but I would not be happy for them to see themselves in and out even if they could secure the external door themselves.

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