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I already have a few ideas for homelink activities around the topic of water:


Making a book about bathtime

Making a junk model boat

Capacity in the bath


Does anyone have any other practical ideas?

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Guest Wolfie

Providing pots of water and paintbrushes for mark-making outside


Helping with the washing up/washing their toys


Planting seeds and watering them


Making "mixtures" with various substances and adding water to alter consistency, e.g. gloop

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Try ice treasure - water bomb balloons or even ice treasure hands - latex or vinyl gloves.


Fill with water and add stuff - eg glitter, coffee!, beads etc.


discover as the ice melts


children at setting loved this one and had to be encouraged to move away for a while to thaw out - beads in ice v. good and encouraged all sorts of language inc. counting etc.

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