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Litle Red Hen


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yeah we have a baby belling so can definately bake bread

i was thinking of going to the local farm for a trip

pshe about helping others and thats about it so far!!!

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There is a rap - Little red hen, little red hen,

who's goung to help the little red hen.......................


Can't remember what book it's in - I'm sure someone will let you know.


We did Little red hen a few weeks ago - we made bread rolls. hand print hens and we had a mum bring in 2 of her red hens for us to see !!


Sue J

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Guest Mrs Tiggy Winkle

'I've asked before and I'll ask again,

Who's gonna help that hen?'


I believe the rap is in 'The Three Singing Pigs'

Racking my brains now was a few years ago we did this at Ofsted time! I remember we visited the local windmill, and the chidren did some fantastic drawings of it. We brought a bag of wheat back from the mill and made bread with it.


We learnt the rap and I think we performed it for the Y1 and Y2 classes.


Will see if I remember anything else tomorrow - it's too late for my poor tired brain now!

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An online version of the book is here




When we did this in my class, we made storymaps etc- but the discussion about right and wrong was very heated. The hen was unkind because she didn't share the bread... but why didn't she share etc. They still bring it up now when we use the storymap to retell the story.


We had a bread maker to make bread- tried different toppings and said which one we liked best.

Used puppets and masks to retell the story.

Change the story to making something else, the animals helping etc.

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Ask in school if anyone has the Talk for Writing DVD that has just landed. There's a lovely clip of Pie Corbett demonstrating the process of teaching children to tell a story by heart with actions, and as luck would have it, it's the Little Red Hen.

We did it in class and it was lovely - the children performed it in assembly without needing any prompting, and the expression on their faces when they put their hands on their hips, frowned and said "Very well then, I shall do it myself!" was magical. At the children's request, the story has now evolved into a Fluffy White Dog who is spreading tomato paste and sprinkling cheese on his pizza while his friends say "Oh not I, I'm much too busy."

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