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hi everyone


I am looking for ideas for an empty display board. The display board is in our CLLD section of the nursery so was thinking of maybe turning it into the interactive nursery rhyme display board and change the rhyme every now and then to relate to any topics that we do, wot do you think? i would really appreciate any ideas on this




kate :o

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I have the artistic skills of a dead rat so I created a display made up of photos. I put up 6 A3 sheets, one for each area of learning

and stuck on photos of children taking part in activities linked to those areas. In the gaps between each sheets I put words related to the EYFS such as 'language for thinking', 'designing', 'time' etc. I have had really good feedback from parents because they can see what the kids have been up to. Maybe you could do a similar thing with your nursery rhymes - If you did BaaBaa black sheep then you could put on the 'Reading' sheet photos looking at sheep poems and on the 'Language for Communication' sheet have photos of the children dressed as sheep talking to each other in sheep language

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