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Hello all, we are going to look at stories after 1/2 term ad we are starting with 3 little pigs and so thought a builders year would be good. I have never had this theme before and am a little unsure what to do. I have all the labels from sparklebox and will put our big plastic blocks in to start with?


if any of you have any ideas to share e.g. how to incorporate writing, maths, etc


thanks every one

hope you are looking forward to Monday!

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Making houses out of drinking straws is always a winner at our Nursery (or art straws if you have them) ... (little houses obviously) - lots of excellent work about joining techniques and the merits of sellotape vs string.


Also, we have 3 play houses which the children customised in the garden and then 'played' the story (except the bit where the 3rd pig makes wolf soup clearly!)

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To encourage writing: clipboards and pens.

We had a notebook/ diary in the builders office.

We had architect plans

Tape measures........

Some real tools, some toy versions.


We made "cement" from washing up liquid and water and bought trowels to put it on the bricks...


Theres a lovely bit about this "topic" in the Little Book of fun on a Shoestring.


I know......... I co wrote it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi there,

We've successfully provided a builder's yard several times over the last couple of years as it is always popular with the children.

If possible, outside provision works excellently with this role play as this mirrors real experience and will enhance the children's understanding and motivation to immerse themselves in the opportunities this role play provides.

A fabulous idea before you do the role play is to take the children for a walk to look at building work in progress - doesn't have to be large building site, any kind of building activity will do.

We recently added real bricks to the role play which the children thought was fabulous. It gave them a real sense of purpose about their role play and enhanced their play. You could stick laminated numbers onto these and encourage lots of mathematical language relating to size and weight. Again, bits of wood are an excellent addition (but obviously make sure there's no nails stuck in them!).

Every builder needs a tea break so why not add a tea hut? It's another opportunity for the children to make links with their own experiences regarding tea - does your mummy drink tea? When? How does she make it? What do we need? Need to be careful with the hot water etc

Obviously tools are essential - have you got any traffic cones you can add? The children love lining these up.

Tape measures are another great addition.

As you're doing 3 pigs, perhaps you could add straw, sticks & bricks to the role play area to see how the children incorporate these into their play.

Hope this helps and hope it goes well.


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we also made masks of the three pigs and wolf and had the brick,straw and twigs so children could act out the story. you could also make the houses and talk about which is the strongest and why - is this why we have houses made of bricks,

use duplo to make houses - talk about their shape how many do they need to make a house, count these out and htne make their house -did they have enough/toomany?

bring writing in by having someone taking orders for things needed, what others would like built etc.,

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Welcome Mandy and congratulations on making your first, and very helpful post. Hope you come back soon!

Thanks Cait. Still finding my way round. It's a really interesting webiste & am looking forward to sharing & receiving ideas.

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And we're all looking forward to hearing your advice! If you click on 'View new posts' (on the blue bar across the top) you'll be able to see the chat going on across the whole site

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