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Influences On A Child's Devlopment


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I'm hoping someone can help me.. as I've looked on the internet and found nothing related to this at all!


Part of one of my questions is, how does gender influence a child's development?

All I can find on the internet is about how TV influences gender, oh and an article about what influences people to have sex changes.. xD Neither of which were any help to me..


Can anybody offer me any suggestions?


Mrs Weasley :o

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My basis was the research done by Robert Winston - Child of our time (you could see if there's still a website) who found that people identify differently with children of different genders. He dressed a couple of toddlers up as girls, then boys and filmed the same 3 women interacting with them.

As I say - I'll keep looking for you

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Does the question also mean a child's environment and influences depending on their gender.....maybe influencing a child's behaviour because of stereotypical influences they are being raised with - how others react to situations, in a setting, in the home can help shape and impact on a child's perspective thus gender-related development.

For instance if a girl is stereotypically discouraged from ruff and tumble play, getting messy and climbing trees maybe her development will be hindered physically and emotionally, consequently she may find it difficult to be able to take risks and build confidence?


Am I making sense?

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