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A lot will depend on why their language is delayed and how old they are. They may need lots of listening games first. Singing is fun and they need lots of opportunity to hear language from good role models, are they having speech therapy if so they should have a programme of work.

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Hi wellerkaren


Lots of repetition of language

Keep the language very simple eg 'good listening' good sitting'

Lots of repeating what they have said

Visual clues including a visual timetable. Maybe a book with family members, favourite toys, favourite places etc (parents can help with that one)


Games that require listening and learning to turn take

When talking to the child make sure they are looking at you and can see your facial expressions.


These were a few things I could think off off the top of my head.....

Wow - you've got your work cut out with 6 children with speech delay. Do you have extra help for them? Sometimes professional intervention is not always needed especially with children so young. some just take longer to talk than others. However, you may need to look out for other indicators e.g behaviour, social interaction, obsessive behaviour etc which may point to there being other issues which may or may not show up later on.


These websites maybe useful to you


Talking Point


Information about speech, language and communication difficulties in children.


I Can


A charity for children with speech and language difficulties. The website links to similar organisations.


Practical Parent


Practical Parenting Advice is a resource for parents and professionals wanting tips and support on child behaviour, development and family relationships.



Speech and language difficulties



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Hi wellerkaren & welcome.

the Foundations To Literacy book might help you if you need ideas but the speech therapist should have been able to identify the type of dealy and set a programme accordingly, although many are clear modelling and repetiton based.

Good luck.

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Mousebat has really given you a good list of things to do. :D Some to the children I have had with language delay have had other associated problems with behaviour which have ended up more pressing, in terms of trying to integrate them into the setting, than the language problems. Children are very quick to pick up on others who are 'different' and aren't good at tolerating poor social skills. You may find this is something which you have to work on more just so they don't end up being ostracised by the others. If you don't have these pressing problems and can just concentrate on their language skills then great!! :o

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Welcome - good advice from everyone else...

........... one other thought have they been checked for hearing problems which can result in language delay? Not always the case but can be part of the problem.



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Good point Inge .....that's the first thing that should be checked because it's always the first thing the professionals ask about.


Beau - I have a totally different experience. It's a shame that the children you've have treat other children with 'problems' differently. My own son has severe language and understanding problems and the other children at his pre-school were very protective of him and would always try and get him to play. It's been the same at school. He's now six, has 1:1 and has never had anyone pick on him

and no one seems to question the extra hep he gets. It could be down to the fact that he has a very engaging personality. I've also seen this with other children. The girls tend to 'mother' the boys!


Another point to make is that sometimes children with language delay can be seen as being 'autistic' or on the 'autistic spectrum' - which is not always the case. Children with language delay may exhibit some of the autistic 'traits' but these then disappear with the more language they acquire. This is a good book to read

Asperger's Syndrome: A Guide for Parents and Professionals

Tony Attwood ISBN: 1853025771

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It is a shame when children respond like this and it makes me wonder whether the parent's have said things at home which the children respond to. :o It certainly makes it harder work in the setting when you're having to first 'unpick' the preconcieved ideas the others have got of a child, if you know what I mean. :)


I have one child at the moment who has severe language problems and an array of associated behaviour problems. One of the mums I had last year kept on and on everytime she was on duty about how she thought he was autistic - she was a very loud and outspoken woman - I wondered whether she was going around telling all the others her opinions. As it turns out he's made fantastic progress in the last few months and is quite unrecognisable from the little boy who joined the setting before the summer. :D He's delightful with the adults in the setting but finds it difficult to tolerate any other children playing near him. We're getting there slowly though. :)

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Beau - it's a real shame when other parents act like that. They ought to put themselves in the shoes of a parent of a special needs child and see how it feels !

I do think children pick up on their parents views. I'm glad that one of your children is doing really well. Sounds as though you are doing a fantastic job. It will take a long time but you're going in the right direction by the sounds of it. I thought I would have to develop a 'thick skin' once my child started school and was ready to fend off any comments that might come my way but luckily I've not had to. My son is very popular and has a very busy social diary :o At the last parents evening I almost cried with joy when his teacher told me he had reached level 1 for speaking and listening and was well on his way to level 2 .......all the hard work has definitely been worth it.

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thanks for the advice .so far none of the other children in the group have picked up on any difference between them and are making friend with them all the children are all really confident which i dont want them to loss. will try the the ideas out next week and i will let you know what has worked

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