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Do you have resourced workshop areas set up outside?


Do you plan for each workshop area of activities under each area of learning?



I am battling with planning for outside we have tried to do the same as inside under workshop areas but are having trouble filling it all in let alone keeping to it!! We currently plan under workshop areas on a course ythe other day we got onto the subject of planning in the break like you do!! and someone suggsted trying to plan under each area of learning rather than workshops?


I thought I know Ill ask all those wise people on the forum !!


Does anyone have any examples they might like to share please?





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Hello!! :o


Well we plan for nursery as a whole, but provide resources for outdoors if that makes any sense!


For instance currently our "themes" are winter....... generic I know but to enable the children to become familair with seasons and obviously with the snow this week its been great fun.


But we are also looking at "Things that fly".


The latter "theme" for want of a better word is because our boys are into helicopters and planes and rockets and thge girls are into fairies!!! So we thought we could hit both areas of interest.


So indoors right now we have an airport check in desk, and outdoors is winter wonderland.


Lots of white material, pretty lights etc, snowmen pics..... You can buy tickets to go to wonderland etc.


But also outdoors are crates, bricks, tubes guttering sand etc etc so the children can lead their own play. They can chalk outdoors and paint under cover.


We in our planning make sure we have covered all 6 areas but that might not be specifically 6 outside..........


Any help????????

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sorry thought Id said thanks for your reply


We had an ECCERS audit the other day and they were suprised that I didnt have designated areas and resources set up outside permanently- they mentioned plastic drawer units and to mirror image what we have inside outside. Yes i agree this is lovely idea in principle but in practice - 4 staff wouldnt be able to maintain this each session, its a large garden which I know we are lucky to have however 2 rooms inside that need staffing Im not sure this would work.

Some resources stay out all the time like the crates guttering, digging area etc but not dolls and dressing up - maybe im wrong but i think this ideas is a little unrealistic? (for our setting anyway!)


Also 2 plan to cover each area of learning both inside and outside each week is again quite a lot ot do!

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Wouldn't they get stolen/damp or whatever? Isn't it better to let children decide what they'd like to take out - that's more child-led. Plus they learn for themselves what works and what doesn't, and a bit of problem-solving along the way

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I agree!


Also thats huge amounts of resources and we would be doubling up ie inside and outside!


Does anyone have a seperate weekly planning sheet for outdoors or do you just mark on the insdie plan if something is happening outdoors?

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