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Hello all


I am new to my 0-3 setting and am a big fan of water play! The children in the setting are too. They keep getting their fix from the taps as the water tray is not available. The room is for crawlers and toddlers so the staff found they have to constantly mop up so the crawlers didn't get soaking wet.


I have heard of a mat that absorbs water and is antibacterial, hence the constant mopping won't be necessary. Does anyone know where they are available?


Would love your help. Thanks :o

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I spotted the mats the other day in tts and wondered about them....we have to set up and put away at the end of the sessions so wondered about what the mats are like once wet.. so at the end of a water activity do they need to be drained/wring/drip dry? im thinking of what to do with the mat between sessions

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We have to put everything away too. We roll the mat up, tie it with string and and store it in our cupboard. Occasionally if it has got really wet we stand it in a bucket once we've rolled it up or there would be a bit of a puddle but generally its fine to stand on its own.

It's like magic...it dries out by itself and doesn't get smelly or mouldy at all.

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