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Hi, was wondering if you could help me, well offer your advice. I came up with the brainwave( well i think it's a barinwave) of taking down a display from a high display board and using it as a central point for all our planning, rotas and most of all a large white board for spontainious observations and assessment for learning alongside our midterm planning which if this all goes to plan we will do as we go along followng the children's interests and choices.

We are a large team of 8 members of staff plus numerous students so by having this point for everyone to have the oppotunity to add to the plans i thought i would firstly help inform everyone of what and where they should be and also enable everyone to contribute to the plans through their observations.


Sooooo, what i really need to ask is do you think this is a good idea and how do you feel the big O will look upon this idea????


hope you can help and thank you

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Thank you,

you have already made me feel better and the link was really usful thank you. I think my main concerns are that i'm taking away a display board but as i mentioned it's really high! and secondly that it would be mainly adult imput to the board but obviously from their obdservations and requests from the children. we are a 3 form entry school without a nursery so only have reception part of the eyfs but think i will go ahead and see how we get on.

thanks again

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