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pot of white and pot of blue (or any other colour) spoon in each


mixing trays


paper put spoonfuls of each together and see what happens....will probably last about 30 seconds before the two are mixed up but then they just play with the two colours and spread on the paper and get the idea!


washing up bowls with two different coloured water and jugs and an empty water tray to pour into...probably last about 10 seconds before poured on floor but still get the idea!


As above selection of coloured playdoughs


if raining take out bubble mixture and drop into puddles


fairy liquid/water mix mixed with colouring blow bubbles onto paper


cut coloured magazine pictures to stick to make objects eg yellow pictures to make banana


walk pallets: cut out old fashioned paint pallet shape, stick small squares of double sided sticky tape remove top bit go for walk and find different coloured things to stick on pallet (older children could find different shades of one colour) Large sticks are always popular but don't really stick well so be prepared for tears!


Can't go wrong with Elmer activities!


find the pairs of socks/gloves (Load of different coloured socks gloves and they have to pair)


What colour am I taste test blindfold and give coloured fruits and guess what colour they are and what they are


look at each others different colours How many different colours on my face? can you make them?


Matisse snail picture tear tissue paper squares to make own snail


rainbow weaving use old bike wheel and weave coloured material to make a circle or rainbow


colour treasure baskets


what colour are these feelings? Show pictures of faces with expressions (Try to avoid any items of clothes in the pic otherwise they'll just say the colour of the clothes!) ask what colour they make them think of... always interesting!

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Wow, zlw definately going to have to borrow some of these fab ideas.!

We definitely have an overachiever on our hands here! :o Really great ideas, zlw - thanks for sharing!



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:o hi all. i'm doing a mini topic on colours next week has anyone got any good ideas for me...???? much appreciated x


hi where doing the same thing next week , :+) we planned to use different size bottles fill with water then all sorts of coloured items are added glitter, shiney paper , sequince, bright buttons , crystal coloured gems u put in vases ,you can add food colouring . when shaken the children will have discovery dome like the snow domes , with lots wonderfull colours moving around, for there eyes to expore .hope this is an idea u could use or adapt . xD

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lol! at the overachiever bit! Although I'd like to think it may be true and it would be the first "report" ever my mother would have been pleased with... I'm afraid I think it is rather more indicative of too many years in the same room as children desperately trying not to run out of ideas before they do!

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