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I have been wandering too for new ideas for Christmas art/craft.


Can't remember where i saw it and maybe you have heard or seen it before but it was a new one to me!


A brown foot print with two orange hand prints (as antlers) made very effective reindeers. The foot had eyes, nose etc added and they looked great.


I liked them as the overall result will be different sizes and a variation of foot shapes! I just have an aversion to pre-cut things that result in all looking the same! I also liked the idea that it is hand and foot prints which is nice for parents to keep and get all nostalgic over in years to come!


Hope some more will add some ideas, I try to think of different things each year instead of relying on the old favourites!

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i have done this several times. Chn love it and so do their Mums. I think I read about it on the 'Kinderart'. website several years ago. Guess it may still be there.



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