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Hi all


its just a quick one, responses asap


i am doing an interview tomorrow for a nursery nurse position with the view to train to be a room leader.

completely unprepared, interview is out the blue, and the company doesnt have set questions, my mind has gone blank, so anyone with ideas for questions it would be great.

so i can make a quick list!!!!!!!!!


thanks all :o

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Ok, you perhaps need to ask about non-contact time for you to update your EYFS paperwork for each child

How many members of staff will you have in the room, and what the rota is like

How the Key Person system is set up

What you hours are

You may want to go online and find their previous Ofsted report - to find questions for you to ask about how they have dealt with any recommendations and anything else which stands out

er... i'll keep thinking

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What are your own particular bugbears, ice? I'd put in a few scenarios about those if I were you. :o


With the emphasis on outdoor play I'd ask some rigorous questions about their views on that - especially about the need to go out every day unless it is 'dangerous'. xD


From memory, ours includes things like identifying how they have dealt with conflict in the past (not necessarily work based); there's a scenario about a parent approaching you in Tesco to ask how their child is doing; how they have dealt with children's inappropriate behaviour; something about inclusion/equal opportunities; and then I forget!



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