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I use QuickBooks accounting software for the nursery and today they've emailed me to say they're running a promotion and are giving away free accounyting software, and that I should tell all my friends!


If you're interested, go here and fill in the form. Once they've got your details they'll email you a link to download the software.


Intuit do a lot of this kind of marketing, so I'd be surprised if it is anything dodgy! The only mildly annoying thing is their sales team who ring periodically to check your details (and presumably try and sell you some upgrade or otther) but I just tell them I'm too busy to talk, that none of my details have changed and they leave me alone!


If you were thinking of buying some software, it will save you £40 which is the usual cost apparently.


The offer closes on 22 January at 9pm.



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