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Hello, me again !

Has any of you lovely people have a fees policy I can have a look at ?

I know each setting probably have different ways of billing their parents etc, but I just want to know what is suppose to be included in the policy. So I can get it right when I have a go at writing my own !

Well I know its not technically my job to write the policies but I'm getting a bit impatient with waiting for the committee to come up with one, I've been waiting for nearly 18 months and two committees !

Perhaps if I have one already in hand and wave it at them everyday they may decide to look at it and (I think i'm being a bit too hopeful !) just maybe they will adopt it along with all the other policies I have written and ammended. You never know it might be my lucky week !

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Sorry, I don't have a specific policy, but have paragraphs about non-payment of fees and how we use fees to prepare budgets in the Management and Administration policy. Why do you want a separate policy?

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Just off the top of my head until I find my old policies, mine used to include;


When policy was reviewed (Summer Term and when legislation changed re: NEG)

Information re: NEG requirements (which your LA will have given you)

Information re: WFTC and can't remember what it was called but some firms pay childcare fees and parents get deductions from their NI contributions. The Childcare Voucher system.

Fees Tariff

Payment methods

Payment terms

Procedures for non payments

Procedures for parents in financial difficulties

How often invoices will be issued

Payment still due if child absent and reasons why

Payments due if child on holiday

special dispensation from fees if child long term sick

Notice period required or payment of fees due if not sufficient notice is given


some settings have various payment levy's ie: for sibling groups. twins, age etc.


One year I even produced a pie chart to show parents how fees were spent, must have been a quiet year. xD:o


Hope this helps. I'm sure others will be along to add anything I've not thought of.




ooh I knew I would think of something else after I hit the post button. :(


I also had in mine the fact that no payments were to be given to staff, payment had to be made to me personally and receipts would be issued, or direct debits set up. (I suppose this could come under the heading of Payment terms)

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Thanks Cait and Peggy !

We have to have a separate fees policy as it is a stipulation in our LEAs code of practise for the nursery grant.

Thats great Peggy ! thank you for coming to my rescue once again ! Its given me a starting point and many things to consider, I think I may ruffle a few feathers within the committtee but perhaps its whats needed to get them into action.

I still wouldn't mind seeing someone elses fees policy though, if there is anyone out there willing to share.

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