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I want to make some interactive displays for my pre school room, i want something that can be used as a 'teaching aid' as well as show what we have been doing. The maths area in particular, i have seen washing tablet bags being used on number displays with a certain number of items in - any more ideas? Thanks

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Well its a large display board, but its more high than wide, so not that child friendly! I like the idea of a number peg line, thank you!

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see my previous post HERE


Rocket Maths Interactive display, you could use any object / shape, or even animal figure, doesn't have to be rockets.


other ideas pics attached.


Laminated cards, these were used with dough but children could use any items, placed on a bench or table display.


Lego / duplo boards attached to the wall with strong velcro, making patterns, maybe velcro a ruler to wall so children could measure lines made with lego, have a clipboard handy for recording measurements.


Number tubes, tubes were made with A3 laminated sheets.


Sand numbers (not interactive but nice for sensory display and easily made by the children) and also....

Number bones.


Have fun and don't forget to share your ideas when your display is finished. :o








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How about a drainpipe with numbers to 10. And then a spider hanging on piece of string. The children can then sing Incy Wincy Spider whilst climbing the spider up the pipe!

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We have one of the fabric shoe holders hung on the wall. It has 12 pockets and each is labelled with the number's 1-12. Underneath, we have a basket of small balls for the children to fill the pockets with so that they can match number and quantity.


Not necessarily(sp?) PSRN but we also have a "story board", the whole display board is covered with carpet tiles and then the children draw pictures of well....anything and we printed out a selection of clip art (words and pictures) which we have laminated and put velcro on the back,these are kept in baskets on the floor in front of the board. The children love to build up their own stories on it. You could make shapes/numbers to make it a little bit mathematical?


Love those pics by the way!

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