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Hi all


My nursery is thinking of employing an apprentice, and am not too sure about Apprentice's contract, because it is a bit different from the "normal" contract, i would appreciate any input and a sample if it is avaliable


Thanks Hariat

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Ours have exactly the same contract, but as Cait says it has an extra bit about the commitment we expect from them to attend training.


Also, quite importantly, it states that the position is only available whilst the staff member is on an apprenticeship, therefore if they decide to dispense with the course, or qualify a job cannot be guarenteed.

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We take students from our local college usually on a yearly placement. We have a student placement contract,

a copy of this is then given to the college,

it is basically a job discription, hours of work, making sure that manager is given notice of any activity requiredand assignment dates and code of conduct,

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