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Do You Prechoose Areas Of Learning Each Week To Cover


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I am confused again!

EYAT has been in ,.....


We are a day Nursery

Can you please advise me if you choose the areas of learning/dev matters you are covering each week and plan activities/experiences to cover them. whether this be linked to a theme or childrens needs .




PSED Making relationships - seek out other to share experiences- and then state what activities/experiences we are planning

and so on to cover all the areas?



and so on......


If not could you please explain to me in brief your planning process






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We have a 'Theme' like just now it's 'shapes' and we plan the activities by looking at the children's next steps thing, eg. 'Jack' needs some support accepting the needs of others, so we are organising a activity which will promote the sharing of resources - in this case, magnetic shapes. Do you see?


It's better to look at where you can help individual children like this, than say unilaterally we are going to do magnetic shapes and everyone is going to cover the same learning outcome

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We 'pre choose' our development matters for Adult led/initiated activities and experiences based on children's next steps. We don't use themes or topics any more and everything else is continuous provision.


We use development matters for learning intentions and choose 1 from each of the six areas of learning. These last us two weeks. Does that make sense?! :o

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we do not pre-choose any development activities for the whole group / room (however we do it on an individual level). our continuous provision planning highlights all areas of EYFS that our environment provides. but our planning is individula to each child, and each child has tehir own planning sheet that then goes into their learning journey.


we do not follow topics.



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We do same as Shiny and pre choose based on childrens next steps, one from each area of learning and'concentrate' on one area per week (as mst half terms last 6 week, works out quite well. We are flexible though and are often changing things and/or minds.

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Do you have a plan you can share showing your individual planning.


As Shiny says how do you write all the individual plnning?

All children each week?


How do you deploy staff we have four one in each room (2) and one in the garden? so only one spare floating, children free flowing between rooms and gardn nightmare trying to do anything !


Any advice ????????????? One staff said yesterday get me a broom and you know the rest!!!!!! cant blame them at the mo, but trying very hard to pick everyones head up!

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We've tried lots of different ways for planning in the past. There always seems to be changes( Birth to three/ Foundation stage and then EYFS) It has caused lots of headaches for us, but this site has loads of useful advice from very experienced people who have a way of making it "all make sense." So I'm sure you'll get some good ideas.

We've been on courses and asked what we should be doing and are always told "to do what works for us" so.. at the moment we have continuous provision sheets for each activity area such as sand, dough, water, IT, mark making etc..- They were found on this site (THANKS) and have loads of brilliant information that relates to the EYFS and ELGs so we know that we are complying with these requirements all the time.

We have stopped doing topics other than seasons and celebrations that fit in with the time of year. We have also stopped doing whole group activity plans with learning intentions.

Instead each key worker does an individual play plan for each child which fits in with EYFS "A UNIQUE CHILD".

This is based on various information, eg

1) from a parents questionaire( what do they want their child to achieve?)

2) post it note observations routinely done by staff.

3) children's interests/ thoughts.

The play plan can last for a whole half term (if needed) and each key worker has 5 or 6 children. We list the Area of learning, aspect and/or early learning goals that we are working towards and the activities that we will provide. Most activities are provided as part of the continuous provision anyway so the key workers don't have to plan separate games/ activities all the time but the play plan shows which children we would like to focus on for that activity.

We haven't been doing things this way for long but hopefully it will "work for us".

I hope you find a way that will work for you!!

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This is much as we do, our 'Theme' just picks up things which CP misses or which we specifically want to see, like a child sharing and taking turns, or some mark-making for a child who usually avoids activities like that

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Hi Shiny- Wow you do have a lot of children !!!

We only have 22 at the moment.So each key worker has 5 or 6 children to plan for. We have time set aside at weekly meetings to draw up the plans together.

How many children does each keyworker have at your setting?

We have found that by asking parents for their feedback ( as long as they are reasonable expectations)it gives us a head start in one idea for the playplan and then we also use children's interests as another.

This means we are involving them in the planning and they are helping us too.

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Hi again. I have attached a play plan. See what you think.

It look very good. xD How often do you write one of these/review it?


We do have a lot of children!! Most of the staff have 10 key children, but I have 13 in my group. :o

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we start at the beginning of a term and then review it at the weekly staff meetings. we note some of the activities we will need for the following week/s on a form.(attached)


Because we have a few "targets/ next steps" on the play plan we usually carry the play plans on for a few weeks- trying to provide the activities as stated on the play plan a few times before we review them. We don't set rigid dates because we let the children go at their own pace.


We always have the continuous provision plans aswell so the children are experiencing lots of other activities aswell as the once especially planned for them and we make incidental observations on stickers as we go along.


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