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Planning - Different Types


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Could you help me please, my mind is now staring to aching

I'm trying to sort out planning as a chair person, regarding EYFS

We at present use

Continuous provision and then say for Christmas use another continuous form with Christmas additions.

Each child has their own PLOD

Weekly continuous plans for each area, with column for adult initiated, child initiated activities.

And we use adult led activity plan and annotation sheets

Together with each child’s learning story

I need advice as to whether we are missing anything out


:o Sam

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Our EY coordinators have told to use the key person/worker only for PSED


What? surely they should know their children for all the areas of learning, to get a well rounded knowledge of each child :o

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Yes the nest steps are on the annotation sheets and in their learning stories.

It helps to know I'm going along on the right track.


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Can I just ask why are you doing this planning?????? It should be your staff devising and implimenting it!!! From a senior staff point of view we are the one's who are trained and have the experiance. Goin back to your question using a Continuous plan is what i use as the old long term plan and it covers me for anything that i may have missed in my mid and short term ones. An ofsted person said to me once that you can never over plan so after 15 years I always back myself up. Every setting is different and your staff should know it back to front and how and what their keychildren's interest are. Check on the eyfs site they have a few ideas.



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Thanks Kat

I am doing this to also finish my foundation degree.

I was a nursery manager before my second child and decided I would like a change. I now work as a Early Years and family Outreach worker for my local children centre.

My outreach is in the same building as the pre-school. I also do voluntary hours in the pre-school each week and was asked if I would become their chair person to help support them with the knowledge and practice I had built up.

hope this help explain.


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