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Hi all, I have a SEN boy in my class who just is not able to retain anything. I am planning to do some activities with him (things like the tray game) but would appreciate any ideas to keep it interesting.



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Hi, look at CBBC site for lots of memory games - pelmanism types games are also good.

If you use cards with pictures of items he relates to he may tune in more readily? Find out what he's into at the moment - Ben 10 / cars / dinosaurs etc - you might be able to 'google' relevant images, print them and make into cards for him. As he progresses you could add the initial sound to match the picture, reinforcing letter sounds at the same time. Good luck!

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I went to the shop and I bought

an apple

an apple and a banana

an apple and a banana and a pint of milk

adding an extra item and remembering the previous items


following instructions use toys


park the red car in the first space

park the red car in the first space and the blue car in the middle space


as he becomes more confident at remembering increase the number of things he needs to remember


put a selection of small items in the middle of a circle and ask children in turn to select items to put in boxes

try to recall items in order open each box in turn to check

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I think the feeling things in a bag is an excellent idea. You need to find his learning style. Try and do everything in a multisensory way using VAK.

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