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I am new to the FSF but already i have picked up some valuable info to help me with my teaching.


I am in my third year of teaching and i now feel that i am able to make a few changes of my own with regards to planning and assessments after 2 years of advisors and OFSTED breathing down our necks!


I am focussing on my methods of assessments at the moment. I introduced a new and i hope, easier way of making assessments on each child but i would like some ideas of how other people assess in the foundation stage (reception).


Do you observe particular children every week? Do you have key objectives that you focus on assessing the children against each week? how much of your assessments are during focused observations/ child initiated activities? Do you have a timetable or a plan to show when you assess etc?


I would really appreciate some help with this...and any documents that i could have a look at would be fantastic.


Thanks Hanna22

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There are LOADS of things on here to help you with that' If you look at the top right of your screen there is a lozenge shape with the words 'search forum posts' enter the word observations or assessments and search for recent threads (for EYFS) and you should find lots. If you have any trouble, post back on here and we'll all come and help.

Welcome to a truly addictive forum

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Welcome to the Forum, Hanna22


As Cait says there have been lots of discussions about observation and assessment - a quick Forum search will give you enough material to keep you going for some time!


Looking forward to hearing more about you and your work.



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